Mahi mahi/ dolphin fish


Mahi are found in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream, usually near sargassum weed or following schools of flying fish.  Long slender yellow sides with bright  blue or green on top and bottom, losing color after caught.  Males have a flat/squared head, females have a rounded head.  Extremely fast swimmers with speeds in excess of 50 mph.  They pretty much eat anything and grow at an extremely fast rate, with life expectancy of 4-5 years.  Typical catch is 5-12 lbs, but can reach over 30 lbs.

How to catch

Trolling along weed lines or waterlines  is most common; sighting birds, floatsom, or sargassum patches in depths of 600 feet or greater is a more effective and efficient technique in finding groups of 5-10, or schools in excess of 20.  After spotting, they will hit  pretty much anything – cut bait on a free-lined circle hook with 2 feet of fluorocarbon leader, or pitch small spoons or soft-plastic jigs with an extremely fast retrieval



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