Mutton snapper


Olive back, red sides with a black spot in rear third between dorsal fin and lateral line, blue stripes on head.  Commonly found on sand bottom near reefs and structure; in depths of 30-60 feet, most common size is at 20 inches and 3-5 pounds; up to 30 inches and 35 pounds in deeper waters (100 – 200 feet)

How to catch

Drift live or dead baits along edges of reefs and wrecks using 30 pound braid attached to a three-way swivel – one end will have 1 foot of  15 pound monofilament with a sinker weight on the end, and on the other end attach 3-4 feet of 40 pound fluorocarbon with a 5/0 to 7/0 in-line circle hook.  Also caught as a by-catch when fishing for yellowtail snapper and grouper.


Inshore, reefs

Table fare