In South Florida, Wahoo are found inshore above deep water reefs as well as offshore in the Gulf Stream.  They have elongated bodies with a dark to bright blue back and irregular silver and blue alternating stripes on its sides, losing all color after being caught.  Can grow to 8 feet and in excess of 175 lbs, however most catches are much smaller. Extremely fast swimmer, reaching speeds up to 60 mph.  Their main diet is squid, flying fish, and other pelagic fish.

How to catch

Trolling dead baits at 8-10 knots and speed trolling lures at 15 knots are the most common techniques; also found on fringes of large sargassum patches or large mahi schools, but much lower in the water column – in which case live baits dropped 50 feet or more are effective.  Given their numerous sharp teeth, a wire leader is often used to avoid cut lines


Inshore, Offshore

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